All You Need to Know About the Calauit Safari

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An underrated gem in Coron, Palawan, the Calauit Safari can be likened to safaris in Botswana and South Africa. Not many people know about this but it’s high time that we give it the recognition and attention that it deserves.

Formerly known as the Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary, the Calauit Safari Park was established on August 21, 1976, according to the Presidential Proclamation No. 1578 issued by then President Ferdinand Marcos. To this day, the Calauit Safari is a well-loved sanctuary that is open to both locals and tourists.

As of January 2019, the safari is home to 33 zebras, 27 giraffes, and 350 Calamian deers. It also houses porcupines, snakes, a civet cat, and a wild bearded pig.

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What to expect?

The best way to go around the area is to experience the Calauit Safari Tour Itinerary which includes a trip to the reserve and some of Busuanga Bay’s amazing islands. Here’s what you can expect from the safari tour.

The main part of the tour includes a visit to the following areas of the safari onboard a land rover:

The Feeding Station

As the name suggests, this is where visitors are allowed to feed animals such as giraffes, zebras, and deers. For safety purposes, people are not allowed to get too close to the animals.

The Mini Zoo

The next stop of the tour is at the mini zoo. This part of the safari is where some animals are caged including a porcupine, eagle, snake and more. The number of animals kept in the mini zoo declined over the years.

After the mini zoo, the guests can also spot a small pen where the turtles are and an area with wild boars.

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How to get there?

Going to the Calauit Safari is easy. From Busuanga airport, make your way to Coron town proper. It is very helpful to book a group tour offered by travel agencies or your hotel in advance because they can arrange a pick-up and drop off area for you.

Via van, you will head out to Macalachiao from Coron wherein you will board a banca to Calauit Island. The banca ride will just take 5 to 10 minutes. The Calauit Safari has an entrance fee of PHP200 for Filipinos and PHP400 for foreigners.

Make sure to visit Calauit Safari!

While it is tempting to bask on the beach all day long, why not make use of your extra time on the island by visiting other spots such as the Calauit Safari. You do not only get to experience the most out of your vacation, but you are also supporting local tourism.